Spring Car Maintenance


Spring is just around the corner with longer, warmer days. Is your Mazda vehicle ready for the new season? At Fields Mazda of Asheville, we are sharing some great tips on what you should do now to make sure your vehicle gets the attention it needs. 

Wash Away the Grime 

It’s time to get your car or SUV washed thoroughly, even the undercarriage. You’ve just gone through months of snow and rain, which means salt has been accumulating on your vehicle, eating away at your exterior paint and other materials. You’ll want to address this to keep rust and build-up from forming. You should also consider cleaning the interior of your car, as the exterior isn’t the only part of that’s taken a beating during winter. Pay special attention to the floor of your car, as this is where all the debris from outside ends up. 

Get Your Tires in Shape 

Winter driving is hard on your tires. To ensure they’re still performing at their best, consider a rotation and a wheel alignment. You’ll want to have a professional check out your tire tread to ensure none of the tires are balding. You can get a full tire checkup here in our Mazda service center

Inspect Your Battery 

Another part of your car that needs a thorough inspection is the battery. Cold weather can negatively impact a battery, and you don’t want to be caught with one that suddenly stops working in the coming months. We’ll be glad to give your battery a quick check to see how it’s doing. According to Popular Mechanics, the normal lifespan of a battery is six years, so keep this in mind. 

Ready to hit the road this spring? Be sure to stop by your local Asheville, NC Mazda dealership for service or with any questions about getting your car ready for warmer weather.

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