Seasonal transitions present a perfect opportunity to catch up on much-needed car maintenance at Fields Mazda of Asheville. If it’s been a while since your last battery check or you’re noticing signs that you need a replacement, we can help at our North Carolina Mazda service center.  

Basic Battery Care Tips 

You count on your car battery more than you probably know. It’s responsible for engaging your engine so that your vehicle starts and powering all the electrical systems like the radio, infotainment system, and internal and external lights.  

A huge part of battery performance is the ability to hold a charge. You can’t keep your battery alive forever, but there are some steps you can take to care for and potentially lengthen the time between replacements. For one thing, make sure that the battery is fully charged at all times. That means staying mindful of turning off interior and exterior lights. You’ll also want to add battery checks to your routine maintenance checklist.  

If you notice any warning signs, like a slow-starting or sputtering engine, make it a priority to bring your vehicle to our seasoned Mazda technicians. 

What to Look for in a Battery Replacement 

Car batteries can last anywhere from three to six years, but weather can shorten that lifespan. Hot weather can wreak havoc on a car battery, and winter can be just as harsh. As an Asheville driver, you know we benefit from temperate weather from season to season. Still, it doesn't hurt to check your battery charge once or twice a year with our service team. If our technicians find that your battery is on its last legs, we’ll help you find the best fit — and provide expert installation.  

Are you ready to schedule your next battery check and routine service checkup at our NC Mazda dealership? Make an online appointment request or give our service department a call.  

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