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The best way to keep your Mazda car in top condition is to keep up with the manufacturer's recommended Mazda service schedule. Your Mazda vehicle is built with the expectation that it will receive certain types of service at specific mileage intervals and following this service schedule will result in better vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Though your exact service schedule will vary based on your specific model, this is a general guideline to keep you cruising for years to come.

Six Months or 7,500 Miles

After either six months or 7,500 miles have passed, it’s time for an oil change service. This includes changing your motor oil and oil filter, topping off your fluids, replacing your air filter, and checking your tire pressure. Your tires should also be rotated every 7,500 miles to ensure even wear.

12 Months or 10,000-12,000 Miles

At this interval, it’s crucial to have your brake system inspected for damage and wear. At this time, our technicians may change some components, such as pads or rotors, and ensure your brake fluid system is filled and intact.

24 Months or 30,000 Miles

In addition to getting your six-month oil change completed at this time, our technicians should also:

  • Inspect brake lines, hoses, and connections
  • Inspect disc brakes
  • Inspect front and rear suspension
  • Inspect driveshaft dust boots
  • Tighten nuts, bolts, chassis, and body
  • Inspection steering system

30 Months or 37,500 Miles

At this interval, the regular oil change should be completed, and the drive belts should be inspected.

48 Months or 60,000 Miles

The four-year mark is another milestone for Mazda maintenance. Our mechanics will use OEM Mazda parts to complete the following repairs and inspections:

  • Inspect hoses and tubes for emissions
  • Brake inspection
  • Front and rear suspension inspection
  • Ball joint inspection
  • Driveshaft dust boot inspection

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